The most successful people aren’t always the smartest in the room - they are the most resilient.  

We want you and your team to be the most successful in the room.  


For forward-thinking individuals and businesses who want to build resilience and wellbeing. 

In today’s climate of constant change, resilience in the workplace is the difference between an individual or business that thrives and one that just survives. To us, resilience is more than the ability to ‘bounce back’ during times of challenge - it’s the ability to propel forward. To advance, despite adversity.

The resilience of organisations depends on the resilience of employees.

They are the most important asset. But most importantly - they’re human beings; with varying responses to stress, conflict, challenge and change.

With the right emotional intelligence and resilience training, these responses can be enhanced to:

Reduce sick days and prolonged absences

Improve staff retention and positive work culture

Increase employee health and wellbeing

Optimise productivity and performance 

When you AND YOUr team performs better, your ORGANISATION does too.


Meet Wendy Jenkins

“I was given two years to live… over 16 years ago.”

Wendy Jenkins OAM is no stranger to change and adversity. As a newlywed looking forward to her next chapter, Wendy was diagnosed with a life-threatening lung condition and given two years to live without a rare and risky double lung transplant procedure. While lucky enough to match with a donor, the double lung transplant left Wendy with ongoing complex health issues, which prevented her from having children, shortened her life expectancy, and led to severe depression and PTSD. 

Determined to overcome mental illness and improve her wellbeing, Wendy discovered a strong passion for neuroscience-based resilience and the way our nervous system and brain work to give us mental strength. She believes no matter what challenges and adversity you face - the way you respond is key. 

More than 16 years later, Wendy is a certified resilience coach and instructor, successful entrepreneur, sought-after speaker and a strong advocate for advancing forward - not just bouncing back. A highly experienced human resources practitioner and applied science graduate with honours, Wendy is dedicated to empowering forward-thinking businesses and individuals to be their best through neuroscience-based resilience training.

Wendy co-founded the Lungitude Foundation with husband Gordon, and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in June 2022 'for service to community health, particularly lung transplant research'.

“The presentation was fantastic! Really appreciated the time spent preparing the information and sharing such timely advice and tips!”

Chloe Moorfoot, Lawyer and member of Women in Insolvency and Restructuring, Victoria

“Resilience is a huge issue for all of us now with the world we must endure and the issues we must deal with for ourselves and our clients (as well as family, friends plus staff). Providing a framework of practical considerations and real life case studies but backed by theory or science and the amazing experience Wendy brings into this presentation makes an impact. Thank you so much Wendy. What you did for us made a difference now and into the future!”

Michael Gershkov, National Practice Manager at Lifespan Financial Planning

“Wendy has a unique and wonderful way of coaching that is truly authentic and genuine. In the world where we are overloaded with influencers, constant change and overwhelming pressures, it was reassuring to learn there are tools available that would suit all types of leaderships. I thoroughly enjoyed the community offered by the course and knowing others, in all industries, were also experiencing the same challengers as myself. Knowing how our minds work and understanding both what triggers thoughts and emotions and how to manage them into productive and positives experiences was a great takeaway for me as a people leader.”

Janet Lim, Executive Advice Manager at Australian Unity

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