Key note speaking and inspiration from a living example of resilience. 

Looking for inspiration with a resilienCE twist?

When people are giving up their time to listen to a motivational speaker, it needs to be worth their while.

They don't want to hear the same old thing they've heard a million times before. They want to be enlightened. They want actionable content delivered by someone relatable.

Raw and honest talks that look at life differently


When you are told you have two years to live unless you have a rare and risky double lung transplant, your world changes in the blink of an eye.

While lucky enough to match with a donor, my double lung transplant left me with ongoing complex health issues, which prevented me from having children, shortened my life expectancy, and led to severe depression and PTSD.

Determined to overcome mental illness and improve my wellbeing, I discovered a strong passion for neuroscience-based resilience and the way our nervous system and brain work to give us mental strength. I believes no matter what challenges and adversity you face - the way you respond is key.

“Wendy is the epitome of resilience and a remarkable speaker. Having her present at the beginning of the conference was the perfect way to inspire the audience and set the tone of the day. I couldn't think of a more appropriate person to speak about resilience.” 

Belinda Bourne, President at Transplant Nurses Association Vic/Tas

“Wendy’s event for the FEW community was incredibly powerful. Not only does Wendy deeply connect with the audience through sharing her own personal resilience, she couples that lived experience with her deep knowledge of the subject, drawing on neuroscience and neurohacks to create a practical, powerful and compelling event.” 

Alex Tullio, CEO at Financial Executive Women

“Thank you again for running the session on Friday. The feedback was great and it made us all think a lot about those little things in your control during the day.” 

Matt Guilford, Mobility Manager, Performance & Reward | People Team at Woolworths

“What an inspirational woman! What an inspirational story! If you want to build a resilient team - look no further. Wendy presents her 'neurohacks' with passion, clarity and an element of pragmatism that is refreshing.

Deborah de Cerff, CEO at The Employee Mobility Institute

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Wendy offers a number of thought-provoking presentations that can be tailored to your audience. They are proven to engage, energise and motivate offering practical takeaways that harness the science of your brain. These include: 

Neurohack your Workday

For audiences that want a toolkit of practical neuroscience-based hacks they can use immediately.

Lightbulb Moments

For audiences who love raw and real storytelling that will inspire their own lightbulb moments.

Two Years to Live

For audiences that respond to tales of overcoming adversity. No matter what challenges and adversity you face - the way you respond is key.
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