Neuroscience-based resilience and leadership training for forward-thinkers. Harness the science of the brain.

Fortify YOU AND your team, fortify your success. 

Welcome to a more resilient future. 

At Ready Resilience, we believe resilient leaders have the power to elevate businesses and create positive change. 

When individuals experience sustained stress, they are more likely to lose focus, become overwhelmed and emotional, take extended leave and - in worst cases - burnout or quit. 

This is because the human brain is wired for survival - and perceives certain situations as a threat ⏯.

But the human brain can be rewired for resilience. Our solutions are designed to help individuals and businesses not only survive during times of challenge - but thrive. Here's how:

Building all-round resilience: 

Our unique combination of AI-powered education and individual development optimises mental resilience training with a strength-based proactive approach, helping to boost resilience in both your work and personal life. The key is achieving work-life harmony, greater professional recognition, and the skills to support and inspire others.

For resilience, by the resilient: 

Our founder is a lung transplant survivor and certified resilience coach and instructor with 20+ years of experience in employee wellbeing and performance. Wendy hasn’t just studied neuroscience-based resilience in theory, she has built huge amounts of it in practice. 

Built for resilience, by the resilient.

“I was given two years to live… over 16 years ago.”

A big believer in advancing forward - not bouncing back - Ready Resilience founder Wendy Jenkins knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity.

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Neuroscience is all about harnessing the power of the brain. Our unique neuroscience-based resilient leadership program, nationally-recognised certified resilience first aid course, masterclasses and speaking are designed to:

Educate on how the brain drives our responses to stress or challenges

Empower participants with the tools they need to have success

Expand potential and possibilities - and your bottom line

Under Australian Work Health Safety laws, businesses must also eliminate or minimise psychosocial risks so far as is reasonably practicable according to the Australian Government's model code of practice for managing psychosocial hazards at work. Talk to us about how the Resilience First Aid Certification program can help.


Our signature leadership program for forward-thinking individuals that uses science to your advantage.

Transforming your leadership skills can help you earn more, increase opportunities, and gain more recognition.

In this era of busy schedules and short attention spans, we understand that a traditional learning program can have limitations. Our program is designed to work with your brain using microlearning and practical science-based micro tools so you can obtain transformational results.

Our world is filled with distractions and dwindling focus.

Did you know that due to the rise of social media and the way we share information so rapidly, it’s been suggested that the average human attention span is only eight seconds? That’s one full second less than a goldfish.
Observations show that even if highly-engaging content captures our focus, we are usually only completely attentive and alert in the first 8 minutes. Once 20 minutes are up, our attention level begins to dip further.
Many of us also fail to recall nearly 80% of what we learned in the last 30 days if no reinforcement is offered.

The Resilient Inspired Leader™ program is unique in its neuroscience-based approach to overcome these challenges. Designed to upskill you with the insights, know-how and tools for successful leadership now and in the future.

This transformational program is for leaders and managers in high-pressured environments who want to strengthen both their leadership and resilience skills, and better support, inspire and develop their team.

A BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management is available as an option for our leadership program clients via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

You may also enjoy our popular Ready Resilience Solve It Sessions - Your weekly solution to your leadership challenges. This is a component of The Resilient Inspired Leader Program™ that you can access independently. Click here to learn more.


Nationally-recognised training program accredited under the Australian Government's Suicide Prevention framework.

This is a new approach to put trained mental health champions in place who actively boost the resilience and mental health of their colleagues. It is an excellent complement to existing wellbeing programs with a focus on strength-based preventive mental health.

The course teaches an effective conversational method called the ALL Protocol, followed by a detailed understanding of the six domains of resilience, skills and functional features of each to notice in others, as well as practical language tools to have meaningful conversations. Participants also learn self-care tools to build their capacity to sustainably support both themselves and others, avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue.

Through a comprehensive integration of materials, resources and training, Resilience First Aid provides a unique and neuroscience-based approach to proactively protect mental health. Filled with practical tools, each champion also receives their own Resilience First Aid Kit.

Learn about resilience first aid certification


Key note speaking and inspiration from a living example of resilience.

When people are giving up their time to listen to a motivational speaker, it needs to be worth their while. They don't want to hear the same old thing they've heard a million times before. They want to be enlightened. They want actionable content delivered by someone relatable.

Wendy offers a number of thought-provoking presentations that can be tailored to your audience. They are proven to engage, energise and motivate offering practical takeaways that harness the science of your brain.


“What an inspirational woman! What an inspirational story! If you want to build a resilient team - look no further. Wendy presents her 'neurohacks' with passion, clarity and an element of pragmatism that is refreshing."

Deborah de Cerff, CEO at The Employee Mobility Institute

“Taking part in the Ready Resilience Program during the Covid-19 pandemic was very fitting. The sessions with Wendy were the highlight for our team. It’s one thing to do the exercises on the app, but another to have someone explain and facilitate discussions with us to get us thinking. Not only is Wendy’s story of resilience inspiring, she relates the concepts of resilience in real life examples and educated us on the neuroscience behind these.

"Our own thoughts and feelings are not always the easiest thing to discuss in a group setting, but the way that Wendy ran the sessions allowed us to have some very meaningful conversations.”

Rachel Singam, Business Manager at HTA

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