Transformational program for forward-thinking leaders and managers in high-pressure environments who want to strengthen their leadership and resilience.

Looking to level up your LEADERship SKILLS AND YOUR OWN Resilience?

Transforming your leadership and resilience skills can help you earn more, increase opportunities, and gain more recognition.

Our unique neuroscience-based leadership program - The Resilient Inspired Leader - is a perfect way to elevate your expertise, and empower you to better support, inspire and develop your team.

The program also boosts your own personal resilience and gives you a toolkit of resources that you can use immediately.

In this era of busy schedules and short attention spans, we understand that a traditional learning program can have limitations. Our program is designed to work with your brain using microlearning and practical science-based micro tools so you can obtain transformational results.

Our world is filled with distractions and dwindling focus.

Did you know that due to the rise of social media and the way we share information so rapidly, it’s been suggested that the average human attention span is only eight seconds? That’s one full second less than a goldfish.
Observations show that even if highly-engaging content captures our focus, we are usually only completely attentive and alert in the first 8 minutes. Once 20 minutes are up, our attention level begins to dip further.
Many of us also fail to recall nearly 80% of what we learned in the last 30 days if no reinforcement is offered.

The Resilient Inspired Leader™ program is designed to overcome these challenges.

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You may also enjoy our popular Ready Resilience Solve It Sessions - Your weekly solution to your leadership challenges. This is a component of The Resilient Inspired Leader Program™ that you can access independently. Click here to learn more.

The Resilient Inspired Leader Program


Leaders are often promoted due to their individual expertise, however do not always receive the key training they need to successfully lead and inspire a team, while still achieving the work-life they desire. This can result in the leader feeling stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed trying to juggle everything on their plate and the needs of their team.

The good news is that leadership skills can be elevated with the right guidance and expertise, resilience can be developed, and it is possible to create a work-life blend that works.

Our unique program is comprehensive but not overwhelming due to the use of microlearning. It covers a range of vital and advanced leadership skills, including how to: 

Boost Resilience

Learn how to best support your team during times of challenge and change, and neurohacks to help you and your team members to stay strong and calm. 

Motivate and Inspire

Master the art of motivating and inspiring your team members by harnessing the science, and learning what will really encourage and drive performance.

Build Culture and Collaboration

Practice and perfect simple ways to improve how your team work and bond together, and how to manage challenging team member behaviours.

Improve Productivity and Success

Tap into the science of problem-solving and decision-making, how to improve time management and confidently hit your team goals ... and much more!

“Wendy has a unique and wonderful way of coaching that is truly authentic and genuine. In the world where we are overloaded with influencers, constant change and overwhelming pressures, it was reassuring to learn there are tools available that would suit all types of leaderships. I thoroughly enjoyed the community offered by the course and knowing others, in all industries, were also experiencing the same challengers as myself. Knowing how our minds work and understanding both what triggers thoughts and emotions and how to manage them into productive and positives experiences was a great takeaway for me as a people leader.” 

Janet Lim, Executive Advice Manager at Australian Unity

“The Resilient Inspired Leader Program is a must-do for anyone in a leadership position. It provided some great tools to help work through difficult situations which I applied personally and with my staff, and the group sessions with other leaders was a good way of connecting and talking through these issues. It made me realise that most leaders are faced with similar circumstances and that we aren’t alone in needing ways to support ourselves and our staff. Wendy’s coaching style brought a sense of calm to the group as she seamlessly integrated the neuroscience research into the sessions which really helped put things in perspective and understand emotions and reactions. I highly recommend!” 

Trish Catlin, Chief Executive Officer at Square Penny

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Put neuroscience-based resilience skills into practice to BOOST YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS

This interactive leadership program harnesses microlearning to arm you with the insights and knowledge you will need to lead a team successfully, and strengthen your own resilience. The Resilient Inspired Leader™ program is facilitated by founder Wendy Jenkins OAM, a certified neuroscience-based resilience coach, resilience first aid instructor and experienced human resources professional.

The program has been designed so every element will suit the way your brain prefers to learn, and you focus only on what we know will scientifically give you results.

Your brain now needs clarity in order to decide if this might be right for you.

Are you not sure yet? That's a normal response.

Our brains are constantly trying to predict if a decision will cause pain or pleasure.

When you feel any uncertainty, it can be easy to just avoid making any decision. However, this can result in you missing out on remarkable opportunities.

You can overcome this by getting the right information you need. We want you to be confident and informed in your decision-making.

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