How to master the art of microlearning

Discover the best way to learn, absorb and remember new information using microlearning videos and techniques. How to master the art of microlearning

Train your brain for optimum performance.

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Microlearning techniques are gaining momentum in the workplace, and for good reason. Have you ever sat in a full day workshop and forgotten most of it even a week later? Researchers often refer to this as ‘The Forgetting Curve’ and studies show that within one hour, you’ve probably forgotten an average of 50% of what you ‘learnt’.

By harnessing how the brain prefers to learn, you can embed knowledge in a much more effective - and long lasting - way. Mastering the art of microlearning also comes with a number of benefits for workplace performance. These include:

  • Fitting more into your day: When your brain knows how to tackle tasks, it can get more done - even during those super busy periods! 
  • Preventing procrastination: You’re far more likely to start and complete something when it’s seen as a small, achievable task.
  • Feeling good: Each time you complete a microtask, you’ll be rewarded with a boost of dopamine (a neurotransmitter known as the ‘feel good’ hormone). This will keep you motivated to keep coming back for more. 
  • Staying engaged: Working in short, sharp intervals prevents your mind from wandering and ensures you get the most out of your time. It also helps train your brain to refocus in our climate of constant notifications and distractions. 

So, how does the brain prefer to learn? In mental snacks. Bite-sized pieces of information that are frequently repeated. Think of it like building blocks on top of another to reinforce learning.  Here are our top tips to master the art of microlearning:

1. Work in designated intervals:

Have you ever spent a long time working on a task to suddenly ‘hit a wall’? That’s probably because you’ve spent too much time working. Yes, breaks are important for productivity! Working in short, sharp intervals then giving your mind a chance to ‘rest and digest’ is the key to microlearning. 

2. Work on one thing at a time: 

Contrary to what culture may have us believe, it’s physically impossible for anyone to do two things at once. Our brains simply are not wired to effectively focus on more than one thing at a time. You can learn more about focus here.  

3. And, repeat. Then repeat again:

When it comes to impactful learning, repetition truly is key. Think of it like building small blocks on top of one another to reinforce the learning. Your brain says ‘I’ve heard or seen this before’ and each time makes a quicker connection to what it has already stored in your long-term memory. Repetition keeps strengthening these connections, making it easier for you to recall the information when you need it. 

In our age of never-ending information, it can be extremely difficult to effectively develop a new skill. Implementing these three simple steps will help you master the art of microlearning and become your most productive self.

The Resilient Inspired Leader program is engineered around microlearning to help you build knowledge and more easily embed new skills.

This method also aids stress management and optimises performance.  

About the author

Wendy Jenkins OAM

Wendy Jenkins is no stranger to change and adversity. As a newlywed looking forward to her next chapter, Wendy was diagnosed with a life-threatening lung condition and given two years to live without a rare and risky transplant procedure. While lucky enough to match with a donor, the transplant left Wendy with ongoing complex health issues, which prevented her from having children, shortened her life expectancy, and led to severe depression and PTSD. 

More than 16 years later, Wendy is a certified resilience coach and instructor, successful entrepreneur, sought-after speaker and a strong advocate for advancing forward - not just bouncing back. A highly experienced human resources practitioner and applied science graduate with honours, Wendy is dedicated to empowering forward-thinking businesses and individuals to be their best through neuroscience-based resilience training.

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