Tap into the science of success to train your brain. 

Masterclasses and one-on-one development for managers, employees and forward-thinkers. 

Signature Masterclass


This popular interactive workshop will arm your team with a toolkit of resilience neuro hacks that they can use anytime, anywhere to optimise their performance. Topics can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and typically include: 

Brain boosting tips

Discover how to fire up your brain for greater output, then learn how to replenish and sustain its energy. 

Alpha brain activation

Master the art of a wakeful relaxed state ideal for focus or productivity (even during the afternoon slump!) by generating alpha brain waves.

De-escalation strategies

Practice and perfect a simple way to activate part of a client’s brain to help them become more rational and open to resolution. 

Confidence magic

One small action that will make you feel more confident, even when you’re not feeling it ... and more!

“Our team in Australia benefited hugely from the time with Wendy. She has a calming, engaging way of delivering ideas, insights and neuro hacks that we all hope to employ as we head into our busy season. The time flew as we developed skills for life as well as work and I can't recommend Wendy more highly. Thanks Wendy"

Jane Everett, Head of Corporate Business at Crown World Mobility

“Wendy’s story of resilience and determination was truly inspiring. Wendy talked through some practical tools to build resilience, the neuroscience behind these concepts and gave us some great insight in how we can apply this in everyday life both within ourselves and our families. Definitely recommend!” 

Trish Catlin, Chief Executive Officer at Square Penny

“Our Remuneration & Recruitment team had the pleasure to participate in the online Ready Resilience 'Neurohack your Workday' Masterclass. Wendy and her class are inspiring and she is brilliant keeping the team engaged while teaching us some practical tools which are helpful for our day to day work life. We all left the class with new insights on how to be more resilient as well as enjoyed the class itself!” 

Astrid Vaughan-Hofstee, Manager, Remuneration and Global Mobility at Swinburne University of Technology

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Put neuroscience-based resilience skills into practice to enhance your work day

We offer a number of resilience training workshops to help you harness the science of your brain to manage a range of workplace challenges. These include: 

The Neuroscience of Client Behaviour

For employees dealing directly with challenging clients 

Neurohack your Team

For managers who want to understand how to motivate, collaborate and support their employees

The Neuroscience of Calm and Composure

For teams that are stressed or coming up to a particularly busy or more intensive period of change

Neuroscience-based Vision and Goal Setting

Using science to help employees set the right goals and achieve them by harnessing the brain

Neuroscience of Collaboration

For teams needing to bond or develop team collaboration or culture
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Looking for something more specific?

Five Day Feel Good Challenge 

This free resource will take you through a number of effective neurohacking techniques to help improve your mental strength.

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